Arval Active Link

Arval Active Link : what is it?

Do you want to make your fleet management even more efficient? To monitor the driving performance of the cars in your fleet at all times? Arval has come up with the comprehensive Arval Active Link telematics solution, which allows you to monitor and analyse real-time data from your fleet. Think automatic theft warnings, individual driving behaviour reports or assigning orders to your mobile workforce on the fly. Save money, increase your efficiency and reach your safety and CSR goals. Here's how you can achieve all of this with Arval Active Link:


    Active Link advantages

  • Active Link advantages for you as an employer

    • Cost control: influence driving behavior, adjust vehicle management, optimise fleet use
    • Increased efficiency: productivity of your employees on the road, dynamic management of employees
    • Compliance: employee safety, Corporate Social Responsibility
  • How is my privacy protected if my vehicle is equipped with the Arval Active Link Box?

    If your vehicle is equipped with the Arval Active Link Box, the data relating to the use of your Arval vehicle is collected and processed for Arval's business purposes. These data are for example: mileage, time data, technical warnings, etc.

  • Active Link advantages for your employees

    • Privacy: private journeys are protected, business or personal trips are defined by the driver
    • Productivity: real-time driving behaviour insights via smartphone, automatic journey registration
    • Safety: proactive vehicle maintenance via notifications, theft warning, GPS-driven data for accidents and theft.
  • Arval Active Link modules

    Arval Active Link is comprised of different modules. The basic module offers u an advanced journey registration system. The box uses many different sensors to measure driving behaviour. It is also equipped with a GPS module and a data link to the Arval Active Link platform. This platform allows you to view driving behaviour information, fuel consumption and usage of the vehicle on an individual employee level. The basic module of Arval Active Link costs EUR 3,00 a month for each connected vehicle.


    Active Journey

    The Active Journey module tracks the productivity of your employees and you can easily see the difference between business and privately driven kilometres. With this Active Link feature, the position of the vehicle is logged any time the vehicle starts and stops, but this is hidden from the employer whenever a trip is flagged as 'private'.


    Active Routing

    Actively monitor the position of your fleet in real time. This Active Link module lets you know where your employees are, so assigning location-based missions to the nearest available unit becomes child's play.


    Active Pooling

    Managing pool vehicles has never been easier. Employees identify themselves using a RFID reader before using the vehicle. Active Link therefore monitors the usage and driving behaviour for each driver using a pool vehicle.

    Choose any combination of these optional modules according to your organisational needs. Each Active Link module costs EUR 2,00 on a monthly basis per connected vehicle. Just sit down with us to work out which mix would work best to maximize your advantages.

  • Is Active Link just what you’re looking for?

    Curious as to what Arval Active Link could mean for you and your employees? Call us today on 022400199 for more information or to set up a meeting. More details can also be found in our Active Link fact sheet.

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