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Arval on a global level

Arval is the 2nd biggest car leasing company in Europe. Within Europe the company is active in 20 countries. Outside Europe, we have local branches in Morocco, Brazil, China, India and Russia. In addition, Arval is involved in partnerships across the globe. At the global level, the Arval's leased fleet amounts to over 725.000 cars. 

Thanks to its Europe-wide presence, Arval is able to provide excellent service to its clients with a fleet that is spread across Europe. Strategic agreements, for example, are concluded at the international level, after which they are implemented at the local level by the country offices in question. This offers our clients the advantage of combining international coordination with doing business with a local Arval branch. 

Arval has 25 subsidiaries in 25 countries, and partnerships in 14 countries.

For more information about the various possibilities offered by Arval at the international level, please visit www.arval.com.