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Christmas Deal

Arval Renting. Worry-free mobility

Renting is more than just leasing.

As an entrepreneur, you have to take all kinds of (unforeseen) circumstances into account. Make your mobility a worry-free aspect of your daily business. Trust Arval and its Renting Package. You focus on your core business. We ensure that your mobility is guaranteed, anyplace, anytime. That is Arval Renting in a nutshell.


Keep the road ahead clear.

Count on a broad range of services that give you the mobility boost you need. And on top, you can benefit from our low pricing. You are free to choose the duration of the contract and the mileage. Nearing the end of the contract? We'll contact you so you have a brand new vehicle waiting for you in time. Hand over the old car, drive away in the new one. No time wasted on finding a buyer or registering a new vehicle. No worries, only mobility. That is our aim.

The Fiat 500 Pop Star for only €239/month!

Get in on the action while you can!
For only €239 a month* this could all be yours. Hurry and order the holiday special because it is only available until the end of the year. So request your quote before the deadline and don't miss out on this Christmas deal! Did you know that all Renting services are included in this package? 

Get going!
Go for the proposed standardcontract and vehicle configuration and you'll find yourself driving around in no time. Thanks to our vehicles in stock you won't have to wait for your vehicle. Our stock is limited, so don't hesitate!

*Contract based on 36 months and 10.000 kilometers a year, VAT excluded. Different pricing may apply for other durations and/or mileages.

Christmas deal: The new iPhone 7 Black 32gb included in your contract!

Altijd mobiel én bereikbaar
Request your FIAT 500 Pop Star quote before December 31st 2016 and receive a special discount on the iPhone 7 Back 32gb. You rent this phone for only €15/month (based on a 36 month contract). This cost is already included in the proposed price of €239/month.With this smartphone (valued at €634 VAT excluded) you can add being reacheable whenever and wherever to the (long) list of benefits you could have with this Christmas deal. No need for the iPhone? No worries. We will exclude it from the contract and lower our pricing even further. Just let us know in your personal quotation!

All's well that ends well
You rent the iPhone alongside the vehicle until the contract ends. At this time, we recover the vehicle, so you don't have to worry about anything. You can freely choose if you  also return the iPhone or keep it for the total symbolic sum of €1. This is neccesary for us to bill you for the iPhone, making it oficially your property.

Details of the Christmas deal.

The Frequently Asked Questions below give you detailed information of the promotion, its legal aspect and boundaries. We offer full transparancy so please let us know via mail if you have any other questions. Or, call us  during office hours at 02/240.01.99. Our experts are happy to help you in any way.


Who is this deal targeted to?

Offer valid for self-employed professionals, free trades and small businesses.

What if I want to terminate the contract early?

Based on the terms of the contract, you pay a fixed rate per day the contract is being terminated early. The iPhone can be handed over alongside the vehicle. If you wish to keep the iPhone, you simply pay the remainder of the value.

When will the iPhone be delivered?

The iPhone will be ordered as soon as the vehicle is ordered. Then, it depends on the deadlines set by the supplier of the iPhone.

Can I choose another FIAT model or configuration?

Sure! This deal offers you the best pricing on the selected model, but also on the entire FIAT 500 collection. Contact us for a personal quotation.

Can i choose another model or type of iPhone?

No. This deal is limited to the iPhone 7 Black (32gb)

Can i choose a different mileage or duration other than the proposed 36 months & 10.000km?

Yes. Send us your preferences and we will send you a quotation based on your needs. Be advised that this results in a different pricing.

How is the cost of the iPhone calculated in the leasing price?

You benefit from our negotiations on both the vehicle pricing as well as the iPhone's. The phone is valued at €500 VAT excluded, or €15 a month VAT Excluded. If you wish for a different duration, we adjust the leaseprice of the iPhone accordingly.

What if the iPhone gets damaged, stolen or lost?

THese matters are handled by the supplier of the iPhones, which you can contact directly. Of course we are always available to help out.

Can I order the vehicle without the iphone?

Absolutely. We simply substract the iphone's leaseprice from the contract. For example; the proposed package of €239 would then become €224 monthly.

Am I the owner of the iPhone?

Not quite. As long as you rent the vehicle, you rent the iPhone along with it. The vehicle and the phone remain property of Arval. At the end of the contract you have to option of buying the iPhone from us for €1. This is neccesary to create a legal sales contract, making you the new rightful owner.

How is this package price determined?

The monthly rent of €239 VAT excluded is based on a 36 month contract with 10.000km a year in mileage. Tis package includes all services related to the use of the vehicle and the iPhone, as described in our Renting factsheet. You are allowed to choose another duration, mileage or FIAT edition or configuration. Every change compared to the offered package deal can influence the leaseprice. We will send you a detailed quotation based on your preferences.