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Who can file a claim?

The person buying the vehicle via the Motor Trade platform can file a claim for the purchased vehicle.

How do I file a claim?

Follow the steps below.

For body and interior damage:

  • Report the damage to the Arval employee at the storage location before moving the vehicle and complete the claim form.
  • Add pictures or other documentation to the online form
  • If you have any further questions, please call the Remarketing department on 02 240 01 99.


For technical faults:

  • Report the fault to the Arval employee when collecting the vehicle or within 24 hours of the vehicle's delivery by a transport company and complete the claim form.

Prepare the following claim documents:

  • Photo of the odometer. The vehicle should be driven for no more than 70 km after collection.
  • Specifications or estimate prepared by an accredited workshop with a description of the fault.
  • A photocopy of the CMR (if transport was carried out by a third party)

Please collect all your documentation (in either PDF or JPG format) and send it to remarketing.be@arval.be in addition to filling in the online form.


How quickly will I receive an answer?

In most cases, you will receive an answer within five business days of receipt of the complete file, unless more time is required for an external damage assessment.

Arval has the right to use an independent vehicle damage specialist or to test the vehicle itself. The vehicle must not be dismantled or repaired without Arval's consent.


The following claims are not accepted:

  • Claims with total damage amounting to ≤ €250.00 excluding VAT.
  • Claims for body and interior damage filed after leaving storage.
  • Claims for technical faults in vehicles that have driven more than 70 km.
  • Claims relating to spare parts included in normal maintenance:
    • Tyres, brake pads and brake discs, glow and spark plugs, filters, etc.
    • Battery, lamps.
    • Flywheel and clutch, shock absorbers, wheel bearings in vehicles that have driven ≥ 150,000 km.
  • Claims for faults in accessories and other parts:
    • Tow bar, roof racks, bike racks, CD/DVD players, refrigerators, portable navigation, headphones and keys for options.
  • Claims for body damage or technical defects mentioned on Motor Trade.   


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