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Arval Driving Excellence

What is it?

Arval Driving Excellence is a collection of training sessions and workshops that aim to teach drivers to drive more safe and eco friendly. An eco-aware and safety-conscious driving attitude results in a reduction in accidents and a more economical fleet. Your fleet could save up to 14% in fuel costs. This, in turn, leads to a general decrease of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Driving comfort also increases once training has been completed.

How does it work?

A “coaching” approach to participants

Arval Driving Excellence training modules and workshops

Based on certain needs and goals, we propose an action plan:

1. Welcome and discussion of every participant’s goals.

2. Every driver navigates an initial route while Arval Driving Excellence objectively assesses driving attitude using the vehicle’s on-board instrumentation.

3. Interactive theory lesson on eco-aware and safety-conscious driving attitude. Every participant selects 3 areas of concern that he/she wishes to address.

4. Participants navigate the same route a second time with individual guidance provided by the coach. Driving attitude is once again assessed.

5. Every participant is briefed about his/her driving competence profile.

6. Areas of concern are distributed.

7. 'Eco-Aware and Safety-Conscious Driving Attitude”'certificates for electric or hybrid vehicles issued.

At the end of the session, each participant receives a certificate "Eco-aware and safe driving attitude".

Want to know more?

Ready to drive more eco friendly? More fuel efficient and safe? Lower the TCO* of your fleet by a substantial amount? Get in touch and we'll make it happen.

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