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Why Arval?

Our service approach

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Our Service Approach

Our service approach consists of four pillars which form a basis for every relationship we develop with our customers. Find out more about each pillar by navigating through them on the left.

Arval, as a consultant, analyses together with you the current situation as well as your wishes and ideas concerning your car fleet.

Getting and keeping a car fleet operational involves a lot of work. It’s our pleasure to relieve you from these activities by full outsourcing. The only remaining task consists of controlling our work.

Arval analyses the entire car fleet on an ongoing basis in order to optimize its use and avoid unnecessary cost increases. Arval keeps you informed of the results of these analyses by means of periodic reports and also advise on adjustments to be made. Moreover, Arval informs you about a number of external parameters that might affect the taxation of your fleet.

Arval agrees with you to make an agreement about the expectations.


Every company is different, which is why we don't have a standard procedure. We start off our partnership by providing personalized advice. We will go through your various internal processes and current company car policy, and will ultimately arrive at an improved, cost-conscious company car policy and an efficient partnership structure that will enable you to outsource more of your activities.

Analysis of the car policy

As a leasing company, Arval has a strong vision of how fleet management should be arranged. Our expert staff will advise you on the company car policy that best suits the requirements of your organisation. We will offer support in the change process and help you arrange your fleet management processes more efficiently. To this end, we first make a thorough analysis of your current company car policy as well as the activities and procedures relating to the management of your fleet. 

A good company car policy forms the foundation for constructive cost control, but it also plays an important role in the conditions of employment that you offer your employees. It is precisely for this reason that Arval works to develop a competitive company car policy that is tailored to your needs and offers transparent and motivating arrangements. At the same time, we keep a close eye on the optimum cost level. 

Your benefits: 
- with Arval you have a fountain of knowledge at your disposal to help you make strategic decisions for your vehicle fleet 
- with Arval you will reduce your fleet costs

Time consumption analysis

It may sound like a cliché, but time is money. Arval specialises in fleet management and is uniquely aware of the many – often unnecessary – hidden costs that a company can incur due to the way it outsources its fleet management activities. 

After making a thorough analysis of the – often invisible and scattered – activities and procedures within your company, Arval draws up a custom-made report. We don’t do this for nothing, because it is precisely in this area where one can generally achieve considerable time-savings. The advantage for you as a company is that in the long term, you will require less manpower to implement your fleet policy, leading to cost savings. 

Your benefits: 
- with Arval you will save time and money 
- with Arval you will be able to focus on your core business


A solid company car policy does not automatically result in optimum cost control. A large share of possible savings on expenditure are realised in the implementation of the company car scheme and fleet management arrangements. In other words, time savings.

Arval will implement your company car policy, after which a team of specialists – the designated account team – will handle actual execution. In precise accordance to your wishes. The account team put at your disposal comprises far more than just a helpdesk. The team will serve as your help and stay, and will deal with all your requests and those of your drivers. The account team is supported by a computerised system that was developed in-house by Arval and includes a comprehensive summary of all the agreements made between you and Arval.

Execution of the company car policy

Collaborating with Arval, our efficient approach to fleet management will enable you tosave a considerable amount of time and money – because Arval, not you, will be guiding your drivers. You will get what you’ve paid for: all activities will be taken off your hands.

We record all the agreements we have made with you in our computerised system. This will enable us to guide your drivers all the way through. The efficiency of the Arval process results in clear agreements, generating a fast and coherent reaction for an optimized fleet management.

So all communication in the case of damages, servicing, a replacement vehicle or other matters will take place between Arval and the driver.You determine the extent of our involvement and which matters you choose to manage yourself. That’s the foundation of our approach to your fleet management.

We will provide all the relevant departments within your organisation with the correct information, either by regular post or online: driver data, vehicle information, the level of the driver’s personal contribution, tax information and contract information. At the start of our collaboration, you inform us which department we have to send it to, as well as the frequency. Arval will take care of it.

Arval will monitor whether your drivers stick to the ‘rules’ as set out in the company car policy. Does the driver’s selected vehicle fall within the category allowed? What is the state of the vehicle when it is offered for repairs? Is the driver using the right fuel? Is the driver exceeding certain standards? These are the kind of common questions that you will not have to worry about. Arval will keep a close eye on things and take action where necessary.

Your benefits:
- with Arval you don’t need to supervise your drivers. As an impartial party we will do it for you.
- with Arval you will get what you’ve paid for: all activities will be taken off your hands.

Account team

See below for an explanation of our Account team structure.


If you prefer it, we can overwhelm you with information. Our aim, however, is to make things more efficient for you. That’s why we will provide you with information that is of use to you at the strategic, tactical and operational level. You don’t have to work out the essential information yourself – we’ll do it for you.

Fleet management information

At least once a year, Arval will arrange a personal meeting with you to inform you about the status of your fleet. We will give you a comprehensive analysis. During the meeting, we will for instance report and explain to you how repairs, servicing and mileage totals relate to the vehicle rentals paid by your organisation. Arval will actively ensure that these rental rates develop proportionate to our car cost index. 

In addition, we will discuss excessive driving behaviour of individual drivers with you and – where necessary and desired – Arval will take action. On the one hand, Arval‘corrects’ undesirable driving behaviour, but on the other hand we encourage drivers to handle their vehicle correctly. A solid merit policy contributes to this aim. 

In addition to paper reports, the information will also be made available to you online,24 hours a day. If you wish, you can make your own analyses of all the information pertaining to your company fleet.
Every quarter, your drivers receive an analysis of their lease car. The results are condensed into a report mark. Arval will supply you with an analysis of all the cars on a quarterly basis. This analysis will also contain financial information, such as the cost consequences of excessive or undone mileage. 

Your benefits: 
- with Arval you don’t need to supervise your drivers. As an impartial party we will do it for you. 
- with Arval your drivers will become involved. 
- with Arval you will get up-to-date information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Driver influencing

Arval aims to save on your fleet management and car costs. This target is partially realised by improving your drivers’ driving behaviour with recommendations to bring their driving to an ecological standard. As far as possible, Arval involves your drivers in the operation of their car, which helps toincrease their awareness of cost and environmental issues. 

Every quarter, we send your drivers a summary listing their personal performance set against the standards that were established in advance. For instance the number of damages, the vehicle’s servicing costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emission. 

Throughout the term of his or her contract, the driver will receive a letter after each visit to a garage or damage repair company. This letter will list the relevant repair and servicing activities and the related costs. This will contribute to the driver’s awareness of the various costs. 

At least once a year, Arval will meet with you to discuss our justification analysis. This analysis shows at a glance which of your drivers stands out, be it in a positive or a negative sense. Arval will subsequently consult with you and determine whether we will ‘get in touch’ with these drivers on account of their behaviour. This can be done by rewarding individual drivers via a constructive merit policy or by informing individual drivers of the consequences of their driving behaviour for you as their employer. Depending on your wishes, this can either be done over the telephone or in writing. 

Your benefits: 
- with Arval you don’t need to supervise your drivers. As an impartial party we will do it for you. 
- with Arval you will reduce your vehicle costs. 
- with Arval your drivers will become involved.


Arval is transparent in its communications with its clients. We use our justification analysis to inform you how the costs relate to the coverage which we have included in the vehicle rental. It is possible that relation between the two has become disproportionate as a result of our efforts to encourage the drivers to handle their car more sensibly. This will lead to a lowering of the vehicle rental rates. 

We use the car cost index to ensure that possible increases in our vehicle rental rates do not exceed the price increases in the Belgian car leasing market. You will receive an update of this car cost index two times a year. 

In addition, Arval will recordany complaints that you may have communicated to us. Arval defines any expression of dissatisfaction as a complaint. We will agree with you how many complaints can be made by your company and by the individual drivers. You will be provided with a summary of all the complaints made within a specific period via our justification analysis. 

Your benefits: 
- with Arval you will know what happens with your money. 
- with Arval you will not be confronted by unexpected costs.

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For a company car policy to be effective, it is vital that the agreements made are scrupulously carried out. Arval works accurately and efficiently, without losing sight of the need for flexibility. We do what we’ve promised and make the results measurable via our comprehensive Service Level Agreement. We will put all agreements that have been made with you on paper as well as record them in our computerised system. By knowing exactly what you can expect from us, a strong relationship can be built.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Arval makes clear agreements with your organisation via a Service Level Agreement. We will discuss in detail which level of service you wish to receive from us and will record these details both on paper and in our computerised system. The Service Level Agreement, in other words, sets down who will be doing what and when, so that we can guarantee that you will receive an accurate service delivered by Arval.

We will consult with you to draw up various guarantees and service norms in advance pertaining to the satisfaction of you and your drivers with the quality of our services. This allows Arval to safeguard our performance and effort obligations. 

Your benefits: 
- with Arval you will get what we promise.

One monthly invoice

Each month, we will send you a paper invoice stating standard information such as the vehicle’s make and model, vehicle registration number, driver name, cost type and a breakdown of the VAT amounts. We recommend using a summary invoice that combines all costs per vehicle registration number on a single monthly statement. Costs possibly included on the invoice are: 

- Vehicle rental; 
- Fuel advance; 
- Fines; 
- Insurance excess; 
- Costs of a daily rental; 
- Settlement of mileage and fuel; 
- Final settlement at dehire. 

In addition to receiving a paper invoice, you can also view the monthly invoice (and export it!) via ‘My Arval’, the secure section of the Arval website. 

Your benefits: 
- with Arval you have an overview of all the costs.

Unique Account Team Structure

One team for all your needs

  • Group of 12 people working on the same island, who together are responsible for the execution of your fleet policy
  • One dedicated contact within the account team
  • Short communication channels with a high involvement

Your advantages

  • You can count on a team that knows you and your company wishes
  • You get quick replies to any question you might have
  • When your dedicated account manager is sick, on holiday or otherwise unavailable, there is always a back-up ready to assist you