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Why Full Service Leasing?

Types of Fleet Management

There are different types of fleet management. The details of every type are given below.

Vehicle purchase using your own resources or bank financing
  • You are the legal and economic owner of the vehicle.
  • You take out a loan from the bank or you use your own resources to pay for the vehicle, including the full VAT amount.
  • The vehicle is on your balance sheet.
  • You have to sell the vehicle yourself after use and you will be taxed on the resulting capital gain.
  • You are responsible for all costs and therefore bear the full operational risk.

Financial lease


  • You are the economic owner of the vehicle.
  • You pay VAT on the full investment.
  • The residual value will be no more than 15% of the vehicle's value, so it is best for you to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract. You will be taxed on the resulting capital gain.
  • You are responsible for all costs and therefore bear the full operational risk.


Full Service Lease


  • The vehicle is not on your balance sheet.
  • Arval writes off the vehicle at market value (average 38%). You can purchase the vehicle at any time at a fair market price. You will not make a loss if you choose not to do so.
  • You therefore only pay VAT on the amount that is written off.
  • You receive one invoice showing all the costs of your fleet: operational services (maintenance, tyres, insurance, etc.), vehicle financing and taxes. If desired, we can also take care of fuel management on your behalf.
  • We therefore bear the full operational risk and are responsible for the full management of your fleet.
  • This allows you to budget accurately and spread costs evenly.
Fleet Management in Belgium

How do other companies manage their fleet?

A study by the Corporate Vehicle Observatory (CVO) shows that 54% of large companies in Belgium opt for an operational lease for their fleet. Among small and medium-sized enterprises, only 7% go for an operational lease. They tend to prefer to purchase the vehicle with their own resources or a financial lease. This is strange, because large companies do their sums just as well and they specifically prefer an operational lease. So why do small and medium-sized enterprises still prefer other methods?  

The answer is simple. There are quite a few misunderstandings regarding an operational lease (Full Service Lease) and vehicle costs. As a result, companies do not always use the most efficient solution. To resolve these misunderstandings once and for all, Arval conducted a cost study that is available on the next tab.

The total (financial) picture

How much does it really cost?

We summarise what a Full Service Lease, a purchase with the company's own resources and a financial lease cost for a popular company car with a listed value of €34,520.88.

If you also want to cut costs but already have a fleet, you can switch to a Full Service Lease without any hassle thanks to our Sale & Lease Back formula. Find out on the following tabs.

Sale & Lease Back - make the switch!

What is our Sale & Lease Back formula?

We purchase your vehicle at an agreed acquisition price. You lease the vehicle back from Arval over an agreed lease period during which we take over all operational risks and operational tasks from you.




  • You immediately lighten your balance sheet:
  • You are no longer the owner of the vehicle. It will now appear on Arval's balance sheet and the lease price is recorded as an expense in your income statement.
  • You transfer all operational risks to Arval:
  • We take on the residual value risk as well as all other possible technical risks that may lead to unforeseen costs, such as breakdowns, technical repairs, a replacement car, etc.
  • You can spread the costs over time and manage your budget perfectly:
  • You pay a monthly lease price which includes all operational services and risks.
  • You no longer have to pre-finance the VAT:
  • We buy the vehicle from you and write it off in line with a residual value which corresponds to an estimate of its market value. You therefore only pay VAT on the part that is written off.
  • You immediately transfer all operational management to Arval:
  • If you wish, you can also outsource all fleet management to Arval: communication with the drivers, the implementation of your car policy, raising awareness among the drivers, the development of a management report, etc.

> Click here (NL / FR) for a detailed overview of what Sale & Lease Back can do for you. (PDF)

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Sale & Lease Back - how does it work?

How do we operate?
  • You determine the acquisition price in consultation with Arval in line with the market value or your book value. 
  • We create a Sale & Lease Back quote for you.
  • We will visit you to document the state of your fleet, so that you can have certain cars repaired under your insurance if necessary.
  • You sign the Sale & Lease Back order form and our Sale & Lease Back agreement.
  • You draw up a pro forma invoice in Arval's name for the acquisition of the vehicle.
  • Arval pays the purchase invoice.
  • You can continue to use the vehicle until it is registered by Arval.

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