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Information about your company car

Information about my company vehicle

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Repair and maintenance

Timely servicing is important to keep the car in good shape. For repairs and servicing to your car, you are free to visit the brand dealer of your choice. Following approval by Arval, the required servicing can be carried out here, after which we will check and pay the invoice. Each garage work will be followed up by a letter from Arval providing a summary of the work that has been carried out as well as the related costs. This gives you an opportunity to check whether the dealer has carried out the requested work. Naturally, Arval will also keep track of all the work carried out on an individual vehicle. You can consult the repair and maintenance history of your car via the reports and analysis module on the ‘My Arval’ webpage. This provides you with a quick, clear overview of the key data.

The drivers can contact a tyre centre to have their tyres replaced. The dealer can also replace tyres when carrying out a service and after approval from Arval. Arval has contracts with tyre centres across the country. Every new driver will find the addresses of these specialists in his vehicle document folder. 

> Click here to see the list of the tyre centres.

Replacement vehicle

If the lease car is temporarily unavailable – due to servicing or repair work, for instance – we can provide you with a replacement vehicle. This vehicle will be equivalent to your regular company car or one class smaller, depending on what has been agreed between your employer and Arval. Depending on the agreements that are in place, either Arval or your employer will take on he costs of the replacement vehicle. Arval will handle the delivery and collection of the replacement vehicle.


Technical inspection

Arval has concluded an agreement with the technical inspection agency concerning the direct invoicing of the car inspection to Arval. This means that drivers no longer have to advance the costs of the inspection themselves. As of now, the drivers can present their car to the technical inspection agency with a form 'direct invoicing'. This form is sent to the driver, together with the invitation. To request a diplicate to be sent to you, please send us an email with your personal details. The driver can fill-out this form and surrender it to a technical inspection station of his choice, which subsequently will invoice the costs directly to Arval. Arval has concluded an agreement with all technical inspection stations. Please find a list of the addresses of these stations.

> Click here for a list of technical inspection stations



In the unforeseen event that your vehicle is damaged, you can reach Arval 24 hours a day to notify us of the damage. This can be done via the damage claim form, over the telephone or via ‘My Arval’. Your claim will subsequently be dealt with by one of our damage specialists, who will also ensure that the car is repaired by the nearest damage repair company. If it can no longer be considered safe to take the vehicle on the public highway, we will immediately arrange a replacement vehicle. Arval will manage the financial, technical and administrative details of the accident. In the event of a collision, be sure to always fill out the damage claim form in consultation with the third party and send it to Arval. Please use the damage claim form in the car wallet for this purpose. Once the damage has been repaired, you will receive a letter specifying the repair work and the related costs, whether or not the damage is recoverable from a third party and the possible costs of a replacement vehicle. This letter is meant to inform you and will invite you to respond should you have any questions about the repair work.

> Click here for a list of body repair shops
> Click here for a list of glass repair specialists

Arval Assistance

Even if your car is periodically serviced, it can still happen that you are stranded due to a breakdown. In those cases, Arval Assistance provides the solution. Arval Assistance is a collaboration between Arval and Touring. Whether driving in Belgium or abroad, you are always ensured of roadside assistance.

Arval Assistance can be reached 24 hours a day via +32 (0)2 245 73 72.


Temporary vehicle

Temporary cars are a solution when an ordered lease car can not be delivered immediately or when a driver is employed on a temporary basis. These cars can be reserved through the secured part of this website 24 hours per day.
In case of an employment on a temporary basis, we offer you the possibility to lease a car for this period. After that period, you have two options:

• you turn in the car without us charging you costs
• you decide to continue to drive the car

In short, you are completely free in the choice of the use period.

Note: This service may or may not be included in your contract with Arval. Please consult with your fleet manager or your Arval account manager (02/240.01.99) to learn more.

Fuel card

Arval handles the fuel administration for the majority of its clients. In that case, the driver receives a Total or NFC-card (Network Fuel Card) at his or her disposal. With the NFC-card, he or she can refuel at 1,400 Esso, Shell, Total and Q8 petrol stations in Belgium. With an international fuel card, he or she can refuel abroad as well at almost all Shell petrol stations and at the most Esso petrol stations.

Winter tyres

Are you an Arval client and would you like to fit snow tyres to your vehicle?

Please contact your fleet manager in order to verify whether snow tyres are included in your contract. You can also find this information in your car policy. If this service is included in your contract, summer tyres are replaced in winter by winter tyres and vice versa. Twice per year (before winter en before summer), you will receive a letter from us with details of the authorised tyre centres. You can also view this list via the link below.

> Click here to see the list of the tyre centres.
> Click here for more information regarding winter tyres!

You can make your appointment online for the placement of a new set of tyres, or to change from or to winter tyres. You can do so at one of our certified partners:

Q-team - Lambrechts
Eurotyre -Ceva
TSE – de Condé – Vulco

If you already have a set of tyres stocked at a Profile Tyrecenter or Passion Pneu, please make your appointment via this website.


Certificate of registration in duplicate

Since 1 January 2006, a second certificate of registration (pink card) is required for the car hire companies. In addition to the original certificate of registration, a copy is available as well. The copy is intended for the lessee and is send along with the board documents of the car. Therefore, this document belongs to the car and is acknowledged as legal document for technical inspection, surveillance by the police, ... but is not valid at the sale of the car. The original certificate of registration remains in the custody of the lessor.

What to do in case of lose or theft?

In case of loss or theft of the certificate of registration, a certificate of loss is to be requested from the police at all times. In order to obtain the certificate of loss, the police checks the chassis number of the car. Once the certificate of loss is in our possession, a new certificate of registration is applied for. Please note! A new original automatically means a new copy. A new copy can exist without a new original. In case of loss or theft of the number plate, both a new original as well as a new copy have to be applied for.

General driving tips & Eco Driving

Returning your lease car

Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle should be clean at the time of dehire. When returning the vehicle, you are required to include all the items that were in the car at the start of your contract. Examples include spare keys, booklets and all the options and accessories that were included in the lease contract. If any of these original items are found missing, we will bill extra costs. If you want to know how to return your car, please contact your account manager at Arval via the online form or call us at 02/240.01.99


> Click here to access our restitution guide

Buying your leasecar

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