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Arval Mobility Card

With the Arval Mobility Card you can use various mobility services. These services can easily be switched on and off by your employer and can even be set up per employee. Business travel is easily arranged, paid for and registered with the card.                  

The Arval Mobility Card

The Arval Mobility Card is a mobility card that offers the possibility to set a monthly budget or a usage limit and mobility options per user. With the ‘budget’ system, the budget is supplemented monthly on the card. In the 'limit' system, it is as if a line of credit of a predefined amount were granted. When the user pays with the card, the amount is automatically deducted from the budget available on the card at the time of the transaction. This makes the card suitable for users with and without a lease vehicle. The Arval Mobility card is offered in cooperation with XXImo.

The Arval Mobility Card, is the answer to all your mobility questions.

The different mobility solutions

With the Arval Mobility Card, your employee can use 9 different solutions to ensure his mobility.

  • Public transport (bus, metro, tram, train)
  • Shared mobility: bicycles, scooters, scooters, vehicles
  • Refueling
  • Electric recharge
  • Parking

But also …

  • The taxi
  • The carwash
  • An international trip
  • A co-working space

Public transport

The Arval Mobility Card can be used for train, tram, metro and bus. You buy your ticket (SNCB or De Lijn) with the Arval Mobility Card either at the machine in the station, either online or with the Milo app. Fast and easy. Rather take the bike? The network includes bike rental networks such as Velo.

Read more about public transport options here.

Refueling and electric charging

Via the Arval Mobility Card you can refuel at more than 2000 Belgian petrol stations. You can give users the possibility to also fill up abroad at more than 46,000 locations. At home and abroad, the user can charge electrically at the public charging points.


With your Arval Mobility Card you can pay in parking garages throughout Europe. When parking on the street many parking machines accept the Arval Mobility Card and in more than 200 cities in the Benelux you can pay per minute by starting the parking action and stopping it via the mobile application. In Belgium you can go to all Q-park, Interparkings and Indigo parkings with your card.

With the Arval Mobility Card, your employee can use various services.


Curious about all the different services available? Find the overview here.


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