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Dear customer,

Every day, our team of Arval Experts is at your service to deliver the best ex-leasevehicles on the Belgian market. 
They will guide you through the entire process, from the first time you contact us, to the moment you drive away in your brand new ex-lease Arval vehicle.

Should you have any question, me and my team will be glad to answer them right away. Call us at 02/240.01.99 or send us an e-mail!

Sophie Tombeur
Manager Arval Remarketing


The team

The Arval Remarketing team takes care of all requests coming from Arval drivers, private individuals or professional resellers. On a daily basis our Arval experts take care of pricing, inspection, guiding potential customers through the sales process and giving you the best service possible. Meet the team!



ex-lease vehicles sold in 2016 alone!


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year warranty on all purchases