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Want to become owner of your lease vehicle? Or are you in the market for an affordable, reliable ex-lease vehicle, complete with maintenance history and one year warranty? Then Arval has the right offer for you. Please make your selection below.

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Sales to Driver

Looking to buy the vehicle you have been leasing with us for the past few years? Or perhaps a friend or family member has taken an interest? Arval offers you the option of buying your lease vehicle without losing mobility for a day!

Find out the value of your lease vehicle now!

At Arval, we understand you value your time and mobility. Contact us for a quotation today and you will receive all the information you need within 72 hours. The price offered is valid for three months, leaving you plenty of time to think it over. If you choose to buy the vehicle, you can do so without losing mobility for even a day! For more information, choose the Arval Driver option above, or click here.


Sales to Professional

At the end of the Contract Hire period, the Arval Group sells its used vehicles mainly to professional customers. As a result, over 150.00 vehicles have been put up for sale over the course of a few years.
The Arval Group seeks to exploit all channels enabling the efficient distribution of its products sought on the used vehicle market. 

To facilitate the direct sales channel of vehicles for professionals, the Arval Group has set up an Internet platform shared by all its European entities. This platform, focused on the standardisation and transparency of vehicle descriptions, will enable Arval to make its products available to a wide public of merchants all over Europe.

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