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What is it?

Arval Select is a flexible formula allowing drivers to combine the long-term leasing of a main vehicle with access to other vehicles that better meet their changing mobility needs. This way, drivers won’t be limited to one single lease vehicle, but can decide on which vehicle to drive, whenever they want. This could be a people carrier for a holiday with the children, a van for moving, or a different type of vehicle better suiting the needs of the drivers.

With Arval Select a vehicle can even be hired abroad!

How does it work?

Your driver can choose Arval Select when ordering a new lease vehicle. Arval calculates the monthly budget needed for using the Arval Select vehicles based on the vehicle category chosen and the number of days it will be used. This amount is included in the monthly lease price and settled when the driver uses Arval Select. If needed, Arval can provide rates and availabilities of other vehicle categories.Arval Select is available abroad as well. The driver informs Arval about the desired type of vehicle and the city or airport where the vehicle needs to be rented.

If there is any budget left at the end of the contract, this will either be carried forward to the following contract, or reimbursed to the employer on return of the lease vehicle.

What are the advantages?

Better value for your drivers

The benefit in kind is calculated based on the list price and the CO2 emissions of the lease vehicle. By choosing a compact and more environmentally friendly long-term lease vehicle, your driver can save on their benefit in kind every year.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Many drivers would like to use electric vehicles, but choose diesel as they need to drive long distances a few times per year.
Arval Select makes it possible to drive an electric vehicle throughout the year and to have access to a non-electric vehicle when necessary.

Better for the environment, and for your budget

When a driver chooses a smaller or more energy-efficient vehicle for a long-term lease, they make a choice in favour of sustainable mobility. This reduces CO2 emissions, which is good not just for the environment, but also for your budget (fuel consumption, tax benefits etc.).

Fewer parking problems, less stress

Drivers who live in the city centre often face problems when parking. However, they still opt for a large vehicle as they occasionally need the extra capacity.
With Arval Select this is a thing of the past, and your driver can count on having access to a large vehicle when the need arises.