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Light Commercial Vehicles

What is it?

At Arval, we fully understand that you want to customise your van exactly like you want it, and, more importantly, the way your professional activities demand it. There is no 'standard' lease contract when it comes to Arval Van Solutions. Not only can you modify your van with a multitude of different modules with Arval, you get expert advise alongside the lease contact on top.

How does it work?


Before you go out and lease a van, our business manager is happy to discuss the finer with you. if you already have an exisiting fleet, Arval can analyse it, identify specific needs and offer practical solutions.




Arval allows you to configure your own van. Here are some of the modules we offer;


Load space
Plenty of space for your transport needs. Whether you (often) transport eletronical devices, furniture, clothing, or maybe you're a professional moving company? We've got the setup for you.

Loading & Unloading
A suitable loading area for any type of activity, for example construction or road maintenance

Refrigeration systems
Arval offers state of the art technology to allow goods to be refrigerated at all times. The perfect solution for: Catering, frozen products, ice cream or home delivery of groceries.

Aerial platforms
Satefy first when it comes to working high above ground. The best solutions for: Tree maintenance, bill boards, roadworks and tunnel maintenance.

Exceptional transport
Think private transport, dangerous waste materials or environmental services

Maintenance or support vehicles
A fitting module for maintenance- and body repair shops, 


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