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Category B2

Found the right category? Then go ahead and:

1. decide the duration of your lease;
2. fill in the rest of the form along with any special wishes;
3. send it to us!

..Then what?

We present you a tailormade proposal. After that, your vehicle will be ready to go within 48 hours. So you can hit the road worry-free.

Adjust as you go

Our flexible formula allows you to change the duration of the lease with one simple phonecall. What about driving more than was foreseen? You pay EUR 0,14 per kilometer outside of the contract.  Stay mobile while keeping your expenses under control.

And here's the icing on the cake. you'll be pleased to know that all Full Service Leasing services are automatically included in every Mid-Term Rental contract. Outstanding services paired with flexible leasing, that is Arval Mid-Term Rental.

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Contract Information


All Mid-Term Rental contracts have a maximum mileage of 3000km/month. Every kilometer exceeding this limit adds a fixed, low fee.