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Arval Mid-Term Rental is a simple and flexible solution for vehicle rentals from 1 to 24 months at competitive rates. You determine the rental term and vehicle category and Arval delivers a vehicle from the selected category within 48 hours. All services such as maintenance and repairs, summer and winter tyres, TPL+ insurance, full damage cover (Perfecta), European breakdown assistance and a relief vehicle after 24h (category A) are included. The perfect solution for seasonal contracts, temporary workers, expats or other temporary needs. Watch the video below for a quick demonstration, and download our info brochure.







Principle: You pay the monthly price for the agreed rental term and category. If you wish to continue to use the vehicle beyond this term, we immediately apply the lower rate to your monthly rent, in accordance with the total rental period. If you wish to return the vehicle earlier than anticipated, you can shorten the period.