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arval topdeal fiesta uk

An ultra modern style, a more advanced technology, features of bigger utility as well as an exalting and dynamic drive. The new fiesta has been rethought and reinvented. As soon as you will see it, you will discover its intelligent conception, even more spectacular  than its exterior design. This version is equipped with the ford sync 3 system to facilitate your life: this technology allows you to stay in touch and to enjoy yourself while driving in complete safety. By only using your voice, it is possible to do a lot as to give or to receive a phone call, to find an event nearby or to listen to your favorite music.



Below you can find the different option in terms of mileage and duration:



10.000 km

20.000 km

30.000 km

40.000 km

24 months

EUR 299

EUR 319

EUR 339

EUR 359

36 months

EUR 269

EUR 289

EUR 309

EUR 339

48 months

EUR 229

EUR 249

EUR 279

EUR 319

60 months

EUR 189

EUR 229

EUR 269



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