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Leasing vs buying



Buying a car: the price tag

You don't know what the difference is between leasing and buying a vehicle? We list the most important differences between Private Lease and buying for you. The monthly rent of your Private Lease car seems somehow high to you, but it is important to know that at Arval, you will benefit from different services that are included in that monthly rent.

The graph below gives you an example of the spread of costs over the lifetime of a purchased car and a lease car.


Fixed monthly cost for the vehicle's depreciation and interest (or loss of interest) plus other recurring expenses: insurance premiums, breakdown assistance, etc.) and exceptional expenses: repairs, tyres, etc. = PEACE OF MIND



The differences listed

Are you not fully convinced yet? We hope to dispel your hesitations about Private Lease or buying a vehicle with this table below comparing both options.  


Private Lease


What does it exist of?

You lease a vehicle for a period between 25 and 60 months.

You buy a vehicle

Owner of the car




Yes, services are included in your contract.*

Borne by the individual

Customer support

Yes, you can contact your contact person for all your questions.


Maintenance and repair of the car

The maintenance and repairs of the vehicle are included in your Private Lease contract.

The maintenance and repairs of the vehicle are borne by the individual.


The insurances (TPL insurance, the legal insurance and the driver insurance) for your car are included in your contract.

The insurances of the vehicle are borne by the individual.


Summer tyres are included in your Private Lease contract.

The change of tyres is borne by the individual.

Cost forecast & fixed monthly rent

Yes, all possible costs are included in the month rental price.

No, the costs for the use and maintenance of the car are unknown.

End of contract

You bring the car back to Arval, without a possible purchase option. 

You sell the the vehicle on the second-hand market.

New car on a regular basis

At the end of the Private Lease contract, you can immediately choose a new vehicle.

After the sale of your current vehicle and subject to the availability of funds.

* According to your needs

Why choose Arval Private Lease?

Leasing partner

A trusted leasing partner

We are a leading multinational in the rental business, with more than 70.000 vehicles in Belgium.

peace of mind

Peace of mind

At Arval, you always have the best conditions. You rent safely, responsibly and reliably.

package included

Full service package included

Depending on your needs, your contact person will advise you on the best service package.

1 contact

1 contact person for all your questions

One single contact person is always available to answer all your questions.