Arval Background

Services included


Which services are included?

A fixed monthly rent with services

Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and any repairs to the vehicle are included in your monthly rental.

This ensures that you always drive a vehicle in perfect condition.



We provide an unlimited number of summer tyre changes during the term of your Private Lease contract, in case of normal wear and tear, as long as you use the vehicle with due care.

You can optionally add winter tyres to your contract to ensure that you always have the proper tyres.


European roadside assistance

We are available 24/7 for the repair or towing of your vehicle, both in Belgium and throughout Europe. If necessary, we will provide a free relief vehicle for five days.

This way, you can drive at home and abroad with peace of mind.


In addition to your lease contract, Arval offers you a number of insurance options. More information about Arval as an insurance intermediary can be found here

This way, you are always properly insured.


Liability for damages

To be on the safe side, the “Perfecta” service will assume the costs for damage to the vehicle if you are at fault as a driver, but also in the event of fire, theft and/or vandalism, glass breakage or damage caused by external factors (e.g. natural elements, animals, etc.).  If the damage cannot be attributed to a known third party, you pay a lump sum (own risk).

This way, you can drive without any worries.

Why choose Arval Private Lease?

Leasing partner

A trusted leasing partner

We are a leading multinational in the rental business, with more than 90.000 vehicles in Belgium.

peace of mind

Peace of mind

At Arval, you always have the best conditions. You rent safely, responsibly and reliably.

package included

Full service package included

Depending on your needs, your contact person will advise you on the best service package.

First-Class Service

A First-Class Service Center at your disposal

A dedicated team of professionals is at your service for any questions you might have.