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Information about our Private Lease contract



Are you considering entering into a Private Lease contract, but would you first like to read some more information about the contract?
We fully understand that! We have listed below all the necessary information for you, so that you can conclude your Private Lease contract with peace of mind.

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Pre-contractual information

Would you like to know more about the terms and conditions of the Private Lease contract, such as the delivery of the vehicle, the insurance, the damage, the return, etc.?

Read below the pre-contractual information.

Pre-contractual information


Within the framework of a Private Lease contract, it is a legal obligation to take out a Third-Party Liability insurance (TPL) for the vehicle. Legal assistance insurance for the car and driver's insurance are optional.

If you wish, we can arrange the TPL insurance (and, if you wish, also a driver insurance), in your name and on your behalf, with the insurer Greenval Insurance DAC. More information about Arval as insurance intermediary can be found here.

A legal assistance insurance can be arranged in your name and on your behalf with Euromex nv/sa.

You are not obliged to arrange the insurance through us. You may enter into these insurance contracts with the insurance companies of your choice. However, you must have a TPL insurance during the entire term of the Lease agreement.

Download here our Third-Liability Insurance and Driver Insurance via Greenval Insurance DAC, and the Legal Assistance via Euromex nv/sa.


Withdrawal form

Have you changed your mind and would you like to revoke your Private Lease contract without costs?

This is possible if you signed a Private Lease contract less than 14 days ago.

Read below the withdrawal form and return it to us fully completed and signed.

Withdrawal form