Man in car trunk

Buy your lease car. At a very competitive price!

Is your lease contract coming to an end? It is a good idea to become the owner of the vehicle: You can buy it for a very competitive price... and the car is yours immediately!

Please note that this is currently not possible for private lease customers.

  • Why is buying out your vehicle a good idea?

    • The purchase price is very competitive.
    • You already know the car! So no unwelcome surprises or hidden defects.
    • You just keep on driving: you are never left without a car.
    • We take care of the technical inspection, even if your car is less than 4 years old.
    • No paperwork: all the administration is done remotely.
    • Arval will be happy to guide you through the purchasing process.
  • Buy your car instantly!

    It is easy to become the owner.

    1. Contact us.
    2. We send you a quote with the purchase price within 72 hours.
    3. You send us the necessary supporting documents.
    4. You buy the car.
    5. We send you all the documents you need to register the vehicle.