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How can you prepare your car holiday? You can find a few tips here!

How can you make the most of your car holiday? Prepare well for your departure so that you can avoid pitfalls. We’re pleased to offer you a few tips on how to reach your destination quickly.

Tue 11/06/24
Car driving on a road
Press Release

Arval Mobility Observatory 2024: 1 in 5 companies opt for mobility budget

Alternatieve mobiliteitsoplossingen winnen steeds meer aan belang.

Tue 30/04/24
Arval Awards 2023 (c) Tineke De Vos
Press Release

Arval Awards 2023

Arval Belgium awards 14 partners for quality, cooperation and customer satisfaction during 7th edition of Arval Awards.

Fri 26/04/24
Manage your budget

Arval's Tax Brochure 2024

Arval is pleased to share with you a summary of the taxation in Belgium in 2024.

Wed 24/04/24
Arval Bike Lease

What do you need to consider when buying a cargo bike?

In a previous article, we revealed the many advantages and options offered by an Arval Bike Lease. One of the most commonly ordered types of bicycles is the cargo bike or longtail bike. Why? Because they're super handy, especially if you have children or need to transport items regularly.

Thu 04/04/24
Bike Green Light

What do you need to consider when choosing a(n) (electric) bike?

Everyone knows that Belgium is a paradise for cyclists, and this is nothing new. In this article, we explain what you need to think about to choose the right bike.

Thu 22/02/24
Car window snow

Our tips for driving an electric vehicle in winter conditions

Jack Frost is around the corner and soon the temperatures mayagain take a free fall. You may be faced with cold, snowy and slippery roads, which can make a journey challenging. With an electric car, these challenges can be even more complicated. In order to drive your electric car confidently and safely, we have listed some points of attention. We want to help you be well prepared and maybe you can thus avoid some of the pitfalls.

Wed 13/12/23
EV charging at home

A charging station at home

Already driving an electric car? If so, there's nothing easier than charging it at home. Of course, in order to do so you'll need to install a charging station at home. Here's an overview of what you may be asking yourself.

Wed 18/10/23

Why choose Arval?

Reliable leasing partner

With more than 100.000 cars we are the largest leasing company in Belgium.

Besides, we are also a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Fortis.

Peace of mind

We take care of the order, all services and we even take back the vehicles.

So, you can drive with peace of mind.

Full service package included

Depending on your needs, we have the most common services included in the price.

The final choice of services is up to you.

Arval Driving Experience at your disposal

A dedicated team of professionals is at your service for all your questions.