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EV charging at home

A charging station at home

Already driving an electric car? If so, there's nothing easier than charging it at home. Of course, in order to do so you'll need to install a charging station at home. Here's an overview of what you may be asking yourself.

Wed 18/10/23
Small Fleet Solutions

Arval Mobility Observatory: Mobility & Fleet Barometer 2023

Almost one in four Belgian companies expects to expand its fleet in the next 3 years, according to the Arval Mobility Observatory barometer 2023. Telecommuting, a stayer since the pandemic, appears to be a reason for barely one in five to adjust their mobility policy. The electrification of the car fleet is continuing apace, but the BEV is still causing headaches in some cases. "Especially the purchase price, charging solutions at the employee's home and on the public road and a more limited model range are the most frequently mentioned concerns," says Yves Ceurstemont of the Arval Mobility Observatory Belgium.

Tue 04/07/23
Manage your budget

Arval's Tax Brochure 2023

Arval is pleased to share with you a summary of the taxation in Belgium in 2023.

Mon 12/06/23

How can you prepare your car holiday? You can find a few tips here!

How can you make the most of your car holiday? Prepare well for your departure so that you can avoid pitfalls. We’re pleased to offer you a few tips on how to reach your destination quickly.

Wed 31/05/23

Hydrogen 2021

Three times denser than traditional fuels, hydrogen presents its self as an interesting option for fuelling larger commercial vehicles such as trucks, busses, boats and planes.

Mon 15/05/23


Data is core to our lives and businesses, and the mobility industry is not an exception.

Mon 15/05/23
Supply chain

Supply Chain

From the semi-conductors and the raw material shortage to a growing need for rare earth, European countries are sensing more than ever their dependence on Asia for their supply chain.

Mon 15/05/23
A car production line

New EV makes emerge

The established landscape of car makes is being disrupted by the global shift to electric vehicles.

Mon 15/05/23

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