Arval Mobility Observatory

The Arval Mobility Observatory is an international expertise platform geared towards fleet and mobility. We conduct various international surveys on trends in business mobility every year.

  • Background of the Arval Mobility Observatory

    Arval Mobility Observatory

    The Arval Mobility Observatory was founded in 2002 by BNP Paribas and its subsidiary Arval. Today, the Arval Mobility Observatory is present in 11 countries and is tasked with engaging all players in the sector in discussions on the development of mobility in a broader sense.

    Arval is only the founder and the leasing company has no influence on how the surveys are conducted and analysed. This allows the Arval Mobility Observatory to guarantee its independence.

  • About Arval Mobility Observatory

    The Arval Mobility Observatory is widely recognised as one of the most authoritative think tanks in the fleet and mobility sector. It sets out to share detailed and accurate information with all kinds of audiences, provide more insight into the new mobility paradigm in which we evolve, and help us find our way in the ever-increasing range of mobility solutions. The Arval Mobility Observatory publishes its barometer annually – an extensive survey of trends in Europe.

  • Fleet Barometer for Belgium 2022

    Cover Barometer 2022

    The Arval Mobility Observatory Barometer is the result of a large-scale, independent research study into trends in the world of leasing companies.

    Read the Barometer

    Een wagen in de zonsondergang
    Fleet Barometer Belgium 2022
    Een wagen in de zonsondergang


A car charging at one the new charging stations (Photo by Tineke De Vos)

Arval Belgium shows companies the way to a smooth mobility transition

In just a few weeks, the company installed no less than 95 new charging stations on their own business premises. Arval Belgium employees can only choose full electric as a company car from now on.

Thu 15/09/22

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