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Why a mobility strategy?

Until recently, things were fairly simple. Employees either had a company car or they didn't. Today, companies can give their employees access to a whole portfolio of mobility applications.

Then it is helpful if there is a mapped-out mobility strategy.


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You don't have to do it all on your own

Arval Consulting helps you to develop your mobility strategy. To ask the right questions and follow the right steps.

To eventually produce a document that shapes your company's mobility strategy.

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How do I tackle this?

You can start to tackle this by setting up a mobility strategy. This is a strategic thinking exercise that should reflect the company's vision, mission and objectives.



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The foundations of your mobility strategy

Your company may focus on the following at varying levels:

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Operational efficiency
  • Cost efficiency
  • Attracting talent

Mobility strategies tend to focus on several of these four points at different levels.

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Arval closely monitors every evolution in mobility together with the European-wide Arval Mobility Observatory think tank.


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Bike Lease

Operational car leasing

Car sharing

Internal combustion engine cars

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Electricity-powered vehicles

Shared applications

Public transport

Federal Mobility Budget


Need some help with your mobility strategy?
Arval Consulting is happy to help you.

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