Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Fuel is the biggest cost in TCO next to fleet investment, which is why fuel cards can be a very convenient and easy fuel management solution for your fleet.

Fuel Management, that is optimising fuel consumption and cutting down fleet costs.

  • Fuel management is all about optimisation

    Optimise the management of your fleet and opt for a tailor-made fuel management policy. Fuel cards offer you an overview of fuel costs, fuel consumption per car and the evolution of fuel prices. Outsourcing fuel management comes with three major advantages:

    1. Daily fuel card operations: order and delivery, pin code provision, blocking and re-activation, alert management
    2. Reporting: annual company reviews, overview of fuel expenditure (costs and quantity, type of fuel, etc.), abnormal consumption
    3. Invoicing: one invoice (deductible VAT), consolidated invoice with all fuel suppliers
  • The strengths of our fuel management solution


    • Control and optimisation of costs
    • VAT recovery
    • No handling fee for multi-brand fuel cards

    Human Resources

    • Sensitization tool for your drivers
    • Better monitoring of the car policy compliance

    Driver satisfaction

    • Access to the largest network of filling stations in Belgium and Europe


    • Discounts and volume consolidation with one supplier
    • Less manual processes in fuel management
    • Shift from daily operational tasks to strategic fleet management



  • Our fuel management solutions

    There are different cards available to meet your fuel management needs. They can be valid in Belgium, or in Europe.


    Fuel Cards


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