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Your online possibilities

An overview of the Arval online tools available for you.

Your access

Single Sign On (SSO): Your login credentials give you access to all portals you are registered to. Once signed in, you simply select the platforms you want to enter.

You  have the opportunity to create authorization levels in your Arval online account. This way you can create different roles within the organization of your fleet management. Currently we identified:

  • the fleet manager, who’s right is to access all data
  • the financial contact, who’s right is to access the invoices.

Contact your account manager for the creation of these roles in your Arval online account.

View this video and get a quick tour of your Arval online account:




My Arval

My Arval is our customer hub that acts as a window to our key reporting tools. It also provides you with instant access to a host of information valuable to fleet managers or financial contacts depending on their authorisation level.

My Arval allows you to access everything you need to know in one intuitive portal. A social media wall with the latest automotive industry news and access to all available portals. My Arval is your base from where you can do your fleet management. A question? With My Arval you are just one click away from asking your account manager.


  • Identify at a glance, your current fleet situation
  • Monitor and control your Whole Life Costs by drilling down to specific information
  • Collect relevant information on each of your contracts
  • Get a complete picture of your fleet CO2.


All relevant documents are stored automatically in your archive. You can search for it both on a driver- and contract level.

Delivery Calendar
All expected deliveries are shown on the delivery calendar. Extra order information is shown when hovering over an item.

Arval Service Partners
An overview of all available Arval Service Partners with a search option on type of service, brand, location and distance.

Be Connected
Get directly in touch with your dedicated contact at Arval via telephone or e-mail.

Your messages from Arval collected in one inbox. You will be alerted when new documents are available.

From My Arval you have access to all your online solutions like Arval Fleet View and Arval Active Link.

My Fleet Status

MY Fleet Status is a powerful, daily refreshed and responsive web-based application, delivering 24/7 online information. It assists you anytime in managing your fleet and controlling Whole Life Costs.

Online reporting solution to support your daily fleet management decisions and actions. My Fleet Status is a powerful, instantly refreshed and responsive web-based application, delivering online information 24/7. It assists you in managing your fleet and controlling your total cost of ownership. Available at any time, anywhere you are and on any devices.

You can set authorization levels for the fleet manager- and the financial contact role. The latter can only consult financial information.


  • Identify at a glance, your current fleet situation
  • Manage your drivers and their behaviour
  • Collect relevant information on each of your contracts
  • All invoices and other financial information available in one place
  • All price- and choice lists per job category
  • Request documents, maintenance, rental vehicles and more.

  • Collect relevant information on each of your contracts
  • Identify at a glance your current fleet situation
  • Monitor and control your costs by drilling down to specific information
  • Focus on each of your vehicles
  • manage your daily fleet operations.
My Fleet Trends

My Fleet Trends supports you to make the right business decisions at an international level.
  • International consolidated view of your fleet with a history
  • Monitor Key Performance indicators for your fleet
  • Benchmark your fleet KPI's with other international Arval samples
  • A market trends module to keep you up to date with all the latest industry movements


Frequently Asked Questions

My username/password is incorrect. How will I be able to login?

Arval changed the login procedure of online accounts to meet the latest standard in privacy legislation. As a consequence, your password needs to be changed. Your business email address is your new username.

Change your password via arvalconnect.com. Click on ‘request password’, then fill in your business email address and click on ‘send request’. You will receive a link to create a new password. Please note that you have 15 minutes to do so.

Why am I no longer able to login with my client account?

We no longer have one account per client. All contact persons can get an individual account. Please contact your account manager to create your personal account.

‘My Arval’ is gone. Where can I find the details of my fleet?

‘My Arval’ is replaced by Arval Fleet View. The details of your fleet are available via the button ‘Fleet View’ on the right (when you are logged in on Arval Connect).

Where can I create a report and how do I make changes to it?

All reports are accessible via Fleet View. When you open a report for the first time, only the standard columns will be shown. You can add or delete columns by right clicking your mouse. Save your format for your next visits by clicking on the ‘disk’.

Can you send the invoice digitally to my financial contact/department?

Yes, please ask your account manager to arrange this for you.