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From full-service vehicle leasing to new mobility solutions

Arval, a BNP Paribas Group Company, was founded in 1989 as a specialist in full-service vehicle leasing and new mobility solutions for its customers, ranging from large international corporate groups to smaller companies and individual retail clients. More recently, we have diversified our business to become a key player in integrated mobility, addressing a wider audience that includes drivers and private individuals.

As part of the Commercial, Personal Banking & Services division within BNP Paribas Group, we benefit from a worldwide network, which has played a key role in our international growth. Our 8,000 employees operate in 29 countries, and we leased 1,600,000 vehicles in end of December 2022.

Through our connected solutions and tailored services, companies are able to optimise their employees' mobility and outsource the risks associated with fleet management. We also actively support and advise our customers in accelerating the energy transition, empowering them to be more sustainable. Our strategy is to rethink the mobility mix by balancing vehicle leasing with alternative forms of mobility such as car sharing, carpooling and bikes.

Arval is a founding member of the Element-Arval Global Alliance, the longest standing strategic alliance in the fleet management industry and the worldwide leader with 4.4 million vehicles in 56 countries. We also sponsor and support the Arval Mobility Observatory, an independent research and intelligence platform that has become an industry reference in recording and forecasting mobility trends.

Many journeys

Our vision

Life is a journey made of journeys

At Arval, we are constantly adapting to the ever-changing needs of our customers. As the concept of mobility evolves and expands, so does our vision.

The world, and our markets, are taking a new turn towards a profound transformation Today, people have an extensive range of mobility options; climate change has become a major issue; regulations are tightening; and usership is gaining ground over ownership.

All these factors feed into our vision, “Life is a journey made of journeys”. In other words, our options are endless: we can change jobs, ambitions, locations and minds as seamlessly and regularly as we want. The common thread throughout all our journeys is mobility. It’s what gives us the freedom to go where we want, to be who we want to be, to make change happen.


For the many journeys in life

For these reasons, Arval has set itself the mission of improving people’s lives through personalised and sustainable journeys. We want to provide a broad range of options beyond the car, accounting for everyone’s aspirations, whether their priority is to save time, be more responsible or simply be comfortable.

This philosophy is summed up by our tagline, “For the many journeys in life”, an expression of this change in times and habits in a world where everyone has the freedom to choose their own path, and that each path taken has a positive impact on our society and our community, and preserves our planet. We commit to bringing you flexible solutions and a seamless experience in a responsible way, every day.

Electric vehicle charging

Our strategy

Empowering every customer, enabling every strategy, ensuring the positive impact of our business

As a worldwide leader in full service vehicle leasing and new mobility solutions, we are recognised for the breadth of our expertise. Our aim is to provide an extensive portfolio of services and solutions to answer the needs of all customers, from corporate decision-makers to individual drivers.

Maybe you’re looking to reduce your ecological footprint or migrate towards smarter mobility. Perhaps your priority is to boost driver security or improve fleet performance. With Arval, you can be sure of finding the right solution thanks to our built-in flexibility and customisability. We also systematically design our solutions in respect of the environment and the wider community.

Green background
Arval Beyond

Alain van Groenendael

Arval's Chairman and CEO

Mobility has become a fluid concept encompassing multiple options and combinations. At Arval, we have expanded our role accordingly, offering our customers simple, seamless and end-to-end mobility solutions according to their needs.


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