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About Arval

Who we are


Expert advice and quality of service, which form the basis of the promises that Arval made to its customers, are delivered in 29 countries by more than 6,400 employees. Arval's total global fleet includes 1,103,835 lease vehicles (December 2017). Arval is one of the founders of the Element-Arval Global Alliance, the longest existing strategic alliance in the market in fleet management and world leader with 3 million vehicles in 50 countries. Within BNP Paribas, Arval is one of the core activities of Retail Banking. Read more about Arval worldwide.

Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver the most relevant full-service vehicle leasing solutions to businesses of any size, through consulting and services that understand and meet the requirements of customers, drivers and vehicles.

Our Promise
Every day at Arval, thanks to our expert advice and prompt and accurate service, everything is done to prove that we really care about customers, drivers and vehicles.

This is Arval
For most companies, managing and implementing their fleet policy is not a core activity. It is difficult to complete these tasks as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible if the organisation does not have the required knowledge, skills and resources. This is why, in practice, organisations that keep their fleet management in-house are often forced to invest far more time and money than is actually necessary. Leasing can save you a lot of money while allowing you to retain control of your fleet, safe in the knowledge that you have arranged everything properly. At Arval, our motto is We manage. You keep control. Watch the video to see how we do this.