Fines - Frequently Asked Questions


I have received a penalty fine via My Arval, but I am unable to log in. What should I do?

Use your professional email address to log in to My Arval. If you forgotten your password, you can recover it via the 'reset password' function. If you continue to encounter any issues, you can get in touch with Arval Driver Care.

> Connect to My Arval

> Contact Arval Driver Care at 02 240 01 88

I have received a penalty fine. Can I appeal against it?

You can only lodge an appeal against penalty fines through the authority that issued the fine. Please notify us about the appeal by sending a copy to

Only then can we enter it in our system. If we receive a reminder regarding an offense abroad or a formal notice to pay, we will contact you first.

If you cannot prove to us that the dispute was accepted, we will proceed to payment.

I have received an immediate demand for payment of a fine, but no police report so far.

An immediate demand for payment of fines is sent by post, whereas a police report is issued by the police. If there is a delay in the police procedure, the police report may only arrive later.

There is no fine amount stated on the police report I received. What do I need to do?

Follow the instructions given on the police report and the attached questionnaire. Over the next few weeks, you will be sent details of the payment you need to make to settle your fine.

I have received a penalty fine in a different language. Can I request a translation?

The ticket is sent in the language of the vehicle owner (Arval). As we are located in Dutch-speaking territory, the fine is (usually) sent in Dutch.

If you really want to receive the ticket in another language, you can make a request to the issuing authority. However, this will not prolong the payment term.

I have paid my fine on time, but I have received a reminder anyway.

If you paid your fine on time, you can ignore the reminder. The reminder was probably already on the way before you made your payment. If you want to make sure your payment was successful, get in touch with the authority that issued the fine. Arval does not have access to the payment terms itself.

Where can I check whether or not a fine has been paid?

You will need to get in touch with the authority that issued the fine. Unfortunately, Arval is unable to check this. 

You can check whether the fine is already paid through your bank statements.

I cannot open my ticket via My Arval. What should I do?

We can send you the fine by email. Please send this request to You receive it as a PDF attachment.

I have received a ticket not intended for me. What should I do?

The procedure depends on the type of ticket: is it a ticket issued by the police or by another authority?

- By the police: we contest the ticket for you.

- By another authority: the issuing authority must check whether the error is on our side or on the side of the authority.

I have received my driver's ticket. What should I do?

You have probably received the ticket because the driver's details was incorrect or incomplete. These are best checked in consultation with the driver.

It is very important that you communicate the driver's details. If this does not happen, you will receive a fine (at least EUR 300.00) or may even be prosecuted, with the fine amounting to several thousand euros.

A traffic violation via the Public Service Justice consists of two parts. On the one hand, you have the traffic violation itself. This must be paid. On the other hand, you also have the communication of the driver's data.

A violation cannot remain in the name of a company. This is to prevent stubborn offenders from going unpunished and not being prosecuted for their offenses.

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