Travelling abroad - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I prepare myself and my car for a trip abroad?
  • Do not overload your car. If your car exceeds its maximum permitted weight, it will no longer comply with safety standards.
  • Check the comfort and safety of the passengers. Everyone must be properly seated and secured at all times, with their seatbelt, appropriate to his or her age, fastened.
  • Make sure you are rested before you leave. Significant tiredness while behind the wheel can be fatal.
  • Take a break every 2 hours.
  • Anticipate traffic.
  • Tune in to the local traffic radio to get real-time traffic information.
  • Keep calm in all situations! Think, then act.
  • Stay on your guard for fraudulent police officers, unscrupulous motor mechanics, etc.

Set off safe & sound:

  • Check the general condition of your vehicle:
    • Tyre wear and pressure;
    • The fluid levels;
    • The mirrors;
    • The condition of your lights and indicators.
  • Check that you have the identity documents of your entire family, your driving licence and the valid paperwork for the vehicle (e.g. insurance certificate (former ‘green card’)).
  • Take your pet's European passport with you if it is coming on the holiday.
  • Ensure that you have the required equipment on board: safety triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and fluorescent jacket.
  • Position your luggage balanced in the vehicle and so that nothing can move. A poorly loaded vehicle is a potential hazard!
  • Consider getting a roof box or a trailer if you are bringing a lot of luggage.
  • Remember that electric bicycles must be placed in a suitable bike rack.
  • Have your sunglasses, some water and a snack handy for you and your family.
  • Take face masks and disinfectant hand gel.


  • Bring your sunglasses so that your drive is a pleasant one.
  • Have your credit card/visa card and cash ready for tolls.
  • Bring your spare car keys with you to avoid problems if you lose a key.

Long journeys when travelling abroad are often a source of stress for children. Make it a more pleasant and fun experience with following ideas:
  • Keep them occupied with (new) games, drawings, books, etc.
  • Set off at a suitable time: at the end of the day or at night.
  • Try to stop at service stations with play areas for children.
  • Provide snacks and drinks, this will help them to be more patient.
  • Take a pillow(s) to make their sleep more comfortable.

Can I travel abroad with my company car?

As far as Arval is concerned, you are allowed to travel abroad with your car; however, please note that you will need a certificate for countries outside the EU or the Schengen Area. You can easily obtain this certificate by submitting the official application via For your information, this can take between 3 and 5 working days. We recommend that you print the certificate in color and in multiple copies (for example in triplicate).

Also check the Car Policy, as your employer’ rules may differ from Arval's. Always be in possession of your insurance certificate (former ‘green card’) and procuration. These are two documents you have received from Arval and found in your vehicle document folder.

Tips for driving abroad

Where can I travel to in times of Corona?

Check whether the country you are travelling to has opened its borders to foreign tourists, as well as to countries you may need to cross. Take a look at the Belgian Foreign Affairs website. for more information about the situations per country.

Find answers to all your questions on our dedicated FAQ page Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19'. You will find more information on this page about the impact of the phasing out strategy on your lease car.

What do I take into account when traveling to the UK ?

The United Kingdom may impose stricter formalities in the future, but according to our information, in a first phase, there will be no specific control of car documents by the UK border control. A drive certificate therefore does not seem necessary to us at present for people driving with a leased car to and in the UK. Also, the vehicle's Civil Liability insurance will remain valid after 1/1/21 if the UK was already listed on the insurance card. However, drivers need to carry their driving licence, insurance certificate and original registration certificate with them at all times.

How do I find the nearest petrol stations abroad?

Find the nearest petrol station abroad easily via the NFC website or the app.


What are the traffic rules of the countries where I drive through and where I travel to?

Driving rules differ from one country to another and there are many European regulated traffic areas. No one should break the law, so make sure you are well informed (and avoid fines or fees). All information on mobility and the traffic regulations of the European countries can be found in French or in Dutch. Select a country and then click on 'driving in...'.

Which information about my lease car do I bring with me?

Download the ‘My Arval Mobile’-app, so you have all the information about your lease car at hand. In just one click, you are in contact with Arval Driver Care and have immediate access to:

  • All the essential data and documents of your vehicle (power of attorney authorising you to drive the vehicle and the green card if you are insured by Arval);
  • Other documents that can be downloaded, such as your driving license or registration certificate;
  • A map with the nearby service partners;  
  • An overview of the maintenance and/or to repair history your vehicle.

What do I do if I encounter problems on the road?

If you suffer from a break down, contact Arval Assistance on +32 2 245 73 72 or your own assistance provider if it is not included in your contract. To avoid stress it is best to save the assistance number and the emergency number (112) in your phone.   If your vehicle requires repairs abroad, ask the garage owner to contact the Arval entity of the country in which you are located to arrange the invoicing. Arval takes care of the repair costs and in most cases you do not have to advance anything yourself.

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