Travelling abroad - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I travel abroad with my company car?

As far as Arval is concerned, you are allowed to travel abroad with your car; however, please note that you will need a certificate for countries outside the EU or the Schengen Area. You can easily obtain this certificate by submitting the official application via For your information, this can take between 3 and 5 working days. We recommend that you print the certificate in color and in multiple copies (for example in triplicate).

Also check the Car Policy, as your employer’ rules may differ from Arval's. Always be in possession of your Green Card and procuration. These are two documents you have received from Arval and found in your vehicle document folder.

> Tips for driving abroad


How do I prepare myself and my car for a trip abroad?
  • Do not overload your car. If your car exceeds its maximum permitted weight, it will no longer comply with safety standards.
  • Check the comfort and safety of the passengers. Everyone must be properly seated and secured at all times, with their seatbelt, appropriate to his or her age, fastened.
  • Make sure you are rested before you leave. Significant tiredness while behind the wheel can be fatal.
  • Take a break every 2 hours.
  • Anticipate traffic.
  • Tune in to the local traffic radio to get real-time traffic information.
  • Keep calm in all situations! Think, then act.
  • Stay on your guard for fraudulent police officers, unscrupulous motor mechanics, etc.



  • Bring your sunglasses so that your drive is a pleasant one.
  • Have your credit card/visa card and cash ready for tolls.
  • Bring your spare car keys with you to avoid problems if you lose a key.

Long journeys when travelling abroad are often a source of stress for children. Make it a more pleasant and fun experience with following ideas:
  • Keep them occupied with (new) games, drawings, books, etc.
  • Set off at a suitable time: at the end of the day or at night.
  • Try to stop at service stations with play areas for children.
  • Provide snacks and drinks, this will help them to be more patient.
  • Take a pillow(s) to make their sleep more comfortable.

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