Damage and insurance - Frequently Asked Questions


My company car has suffered damage. What should I do?

If your car has suffered damage, it is important to report it to us as soon as possible (within 24 hours) You can report the damage in a number of ways: over the phone, by email, or via My Arval or My Arval Mobile. Arval will review your file and make sure you are contacted to arrange repairs for your car.

> Go To My Arval

> Download the My Arval Mobile app

> Contact Arval Driver Care on 02 240 01 88

> Contact Arval Driver Care by email


I have a chip in my windscreen. What should I do to repair this damage?

You can report this damage on My Arval and indicate whether or not you want Arval Driver Care to contact you to arrange repairs. Alternatively, you can make an appointment yourself with our approved glass repair specialists Touring Glass or Autoglass Clinic. You can also get in touch with Arval Driver Care at any time so that we can help you to arrange an appointment to repair the damage.

> Go To My Arval

> Call Touring Glass on 0800 95 555

> Call Autoglass Clinic on 0800 23 332

> Call Arval Driver Care on 02 240 01 88

Do I need to repair the damage to my car straight away?

In the event of damage to the car, we put you under no pressure to carry out repairs immediately. However, we do ask you to carefully check whether using the damaged car is likely to cause rust formation or additional damage. These are factors that may increase the cost to you. Also check whether your car policy contains any additional provisions.

My Green Card looks white. Is this normal?

The International Motor Insurance Certificate, better known as the “Green Card”, is your official proof that the said motor vehicle is covered by civil liability insurance. This insurance is valid in those countries that have not been crossed off the list of countries specified on the card. If you are travelling in a country that is not covered by the International Motor Insurance Certificate, then you must request a cover extension for that country or take out additional insurance at the country’s border.

Please note! The International Motor Insurance Certificate is a mandatory vehicle document. If you are driving on public roads, then you must be able to present the International Motor Insurance Certificate for your vehicle at all times.

The International Motor Insurance Certificate was previously known as the Green Card. The format of the Green Card is changing. The International Motor Insurance Certificate or so-called "Green Card" will retain its current format of a paper green card until 1 July, 2020.

The format of the International Motor Insurance Certificate will change from 1 July, 2020.

  • The International Motor Insurance Certificate will no longer be printed on green paper and will instead be available either
    • on white paper (in the vehicle document folder)
    • or in electronic form on a white background (available via My Arval).

Arval will also provide the insurance certificate in digital format from now on. You will consequently be able to save your insurance certificate on your smartphone or print it out in the case of loss.

  • Please note! If you choose to save these documents on your smartphone, then don't forget to share them with all other drivers, even occasional drivers. Examples of occasional drivers include family members who drive your vehicle from time to time, a neighbour who borrows your vehicle once in a while, or the garage mechanic who needs to perform a road worthiness check on your vehicle. They must all be able to prove that the vehicle is properly insured in the event of a police check or an accident.
  • TIP: We recommend that you keep a paper version with you at all times when travelling abroad. That way you can still present the necessary documents if you are faced with technical problems or the theft of your smartphone. It is also possible that the authorities in the country that you are visiting will only accept a printed document.

Will you still be in possession of a valid Green Card after 1 July, 2020? No problem! Green, double-sided International Motor Insurance Certificates that have not yet expired will remain valid until 31 December, 2021.

From 1 January, 2022, only the electronic version on a white background or the white paper version will be valid.

Do I have to pay an own risk if my car is damaged?

You don't need to pay an own risk in the event of an accident where you are not at fault. If you have an accident where you are at fault or where there is no third party involved, you can consult your employer's Car Policy to find out the amount of own risk you have to pay.

Who is permitted to drive the car?

We advise you to first consult the car policy to check what has been agreed with your employer in this respect. As far as Arval is concerned, anyone who holds a valid and definitive driving licence can drive the car.

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