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Maintenance and tyres

Maintenance and tyres

When do I need to take my vehicle in for maintenance?

In most vehicles, the dashboard display will let you know when maintenance is required. All important information relating to your vehicle is also available in the maintenance and instruction booklet.

Can I arrange my own appointment for the maintenance and/or technical repair of my vehicle?

You may arrange your own appointment with a registered dealer for your make of vehicle. If you would like to have a replacement vehicle, it is important to first check with Arval whether this is included in your contract.

How do I request a repair or maintenance via My Arval (Mobile)?

Follow the steps described in this document:

> Via My Arval

> Via My Arval Mobile

Do I need to let Arval know if I make my own appointment with the garage?

You don't need to let Arval know if you arrange your own appointment. The body shop will get in touch with us to request our approval. The invoicing will also be handled between Arval and the body shop.

Do I need to pay the body shop up front for maintenance and/or repairs to my vehicle?

No – the body shop will invoice Arval directly for the work carried out.

Where can I check what work has been carried out on my vehicle?

An overview of all repairs and service intervals is available on My Arval and My Arval Mobile under 'maintenance and repairs'. This allows you to check what work has or hasn't been performed on your vehicle.

> Go to My Arval

> Download the My Arval Mobile app

Am I entitled to a replacement vehicle while my vehicle is undergoing maintenance or repairs?

The use of a replacement vehicle during maintenance or repairs depends on the terms of your leasing contract. Arrangements can be made through Arval Driver Care to provide you with a free mobility solution if the work on your vehicle takes longer than one hour. 

> Contact Arval Driver Care at 02 240 01 88

Which tyre centre can I visit to have my tyres repaired or replaced?

Arval works in partnership with a network of tyre centres. The board documents include a list of all approved tyre centres. These tyre centres are also listed on My Arval. Use the locator on My Arval to find your nearest tyre centre. If winter tyres are included in your contract, you can get in touch directly with a tyre centre from our network. If an existing set of tyres is already available for your vehicle, you will need to get in touch with the tyre centre which is providing them.

> Go to My Arval

> Download the My Arval Mobile app

> Click here to see the list of the tyre centres

> Click here for more information regarding winter tyres

You can make your appointment online for the placement of a new set of tyres, or to change from or to winter tyres. You can do so at one of our certified partners:

Q-team - Lambrechts
Eurotyre -Ceva
TSE – de Condé – Vulco

If you already have a set of tyres stocked at a Profile Tyrecenter or Passion Pneu, please make your appointment via this website.


How do I find out my tyre size?

The size is specified on the side of the tyre and in the instruction booklet.

My vehicle needs to go in for a technical inspection. What do I need to do?

Arval will send you an invitation by post to go in for a technical inspection. The invitation will include a direct invoicing form. This document prevents you from having to pay for anything upfront at the station for technical inspection.

Can I have the vehicle inspected after an (on-the-spot) intervention by the service provider?

After an intervention by the service provider, you may arrange for an additional vehicle inspection to be carried out by a body shop or tyre centre.