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Why Arval ?

Arval can be said to have a truly unique approach to the numerous services it provides. Its one-of-a-kind service concept is based on four dimensions, which form the foundation for an efficient collaboration with our clients and a solid – and cost-effective – fleet management policy. 

Arval, as a consultant, analyses together with you the current situation as well as your wishes and ideas concerning your car fleet. 

Getting and keeping a car fleet operational involves a lot of work. It’s our pleasure to relieve you from these activities by full outsourcing. The only remaining task consists of controlling our work. 

Arval analyses the entire car fleet on an ongoing basis in order to optimize its use and avoid unnecessary cost increases. Arval keeps you informed of the results of these analyses by means of periodic reports and also advise on adjustments to be made.Moreover, Arval informs you about a number of external parameters that might affect the taxation of your fleet.

Arval agrees with you to make an agreement about the expectations.