End of Contract

End of contract management and determining the cost of damage

End of contract management provides insight into the possible costs at the end of the contract, so you can take this into account when drawing up your in-house car policy and justify the costs to your drivers.

  • Our car evaluation system

    Click here for information about our end of contract management (including flat rates (excluding levies), depreciation matrix, work schedule and an example of end of contract management calculation).

    This document provides you with a clear explanation of the evaluation system, which will enable you to determine the ultimate value of the damage, the degradation and the losses that cannot, under any circumstances, be considered by us, as the supplier, to be the result of the normal use of a car or normal wear and tear.

    Within the framework of end of contract management, the car in question will always be subject to an inspection by Arval or one of its representatives, whether or not in the presence of the driver, in order to verify that the car is in good condition or to identify any damage This applies both to damage on the outside and inside of the car and to the absence of board documents, keys and/or missing items, e.g. accessories.

    The results of this inspection are then validated by an external car expert. Under end of contract management, if any items (accessories, board documents, etc. are missing from the car during the handover, they must be delivered to Arval at the latest 5 working days after receiving the inspection report. After this period has elapsed, Arval will invoice the missing items based on this list (prices excluding levies). These prices may be adjusted and indexed annually.

    The vehicle can always be returned with summer tyres. If your contract stipulates the use of winter tyres, it can also be returned with winter tyres between October 1st and May 1st inclusive. If you do not, Arval will be obliged to charge you EUR 250,00 for the resulting reduced value at that point in time.

    Arval determines the usage damage in the course of the end of contract management process based on the standards set by Renta, the Belgian Professional Association of Leasing Companies. For additional information, please consult the Renta collection restitution guide, which is available at their website or contact your account manager.

  • Determining the value of the damage

    During Arval's final inspection, end of contract management allows for the possible grouping of individual counts of damage caused by the same accident.

    We work with fixed amounts in order to give a value to current end of contract damages This fixed basic amount per vehicle category is determined for each component in consultation with independent vehicle damage specialists This amount is reviewed, updated and indexed (excluding levies) on an annual basis.

    A depreciation formula is applied that takes into account the age and mileage of the car (for passenger cars or company cars).


    You have opted for the Perfecta service from Arval

    The deductible amount will be applied to the total value of the accident, not to the value of each individual instance of damage on the condition, of course, that these damage claims relate to the same accident. If the total amount is lower than the deductible amount, the damage valuation is invoiced during end of contract management.


    You are externally insured

    The amount as specified above will be invoiced.

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