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Why Renting ?

Get the vehicle that corresponds to your needs

What is renting


An offer that includes the use of a vehicle, as well as maintenance, insurance and any other related services for a fixed monthly fee.


Renting is a form of operational leasing, specially designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers with a carpark up to ten vehicles.

Our Renting package allows you to enjoy a wide range of services next to the use of the vehicle of your choosing. This includes registration, insurance, maintenance, fuel management and so on.

At the end of the contract, you can simply return the vehicle. We'll take care of the resale. You can also purchase it for personal use or simply choose your next vehicle for a new Renting contract.



Why is Renting beneficial to me?

So I can keep my focus on my core business

At Arval, we're convinced that companies excel by devoting themselves to their core business. While you do that, we perfected our expertise in the vehicle and fleet management.



So I am able to optimize my company budget

Our Renting contracts allow you to have a better view on the total cost of ownership of the vehicle, from start to finish of our partnership. Arval is able to assist you in choosing the vehicle corresponding to your expectations and to your budget.



So I am guaranteed mobile under any circumstances

We understand that each minute counts in your activity. Therefore, we put everything in place so you don't lose precious time in case of breakdown or accidents.



So I can bring down the risks

Arval is able to leverage 25 years of experience in risk and vehicle management, including breakdowns, accidents, maintenance, guarantees, end of contract management, resale activities and so on.


Choose today the solution that brings together simplicity, guaranteed mobility, risk management and competitive costs: Renting.