Arval Driver Care

Car sharing made easy without the administrative hassle

Car sharing allows your employees to benefit from shared car use while maximizing your asset and keeping paperwork to a minimum.

  • What is car sharing?

    With Arval Car Sharing, Arval is taking the pool car concept yup a gear. Corporate car sharing is now managed via a smart online platform and an innovative app. Handing over keys is a thing of the past, as users unlock, start and lock their cars via the Arval Car Sharing app. Arval Car Sharing is a great example of smart sharing and flexible, sustainable mobility. The employer makes cars available and determines which employee(s) can use them.

  • How does car sharing work?

    Online reservations

    An Arval Car Sharing vehicle can be reserved effortlessly anywhere and anytime. An intuitive online reservation system and the free Arval Car Sharing app for Android and iOS have been developed, so reservations can be made in a matter of seconds from your PC or smartphone.

    You can unlock, start and lock the car via the Arval Car Sharing app, which means handing over keys is a thing of the past. No smartphone? Arval will provide you with a chip card.

    Arval Car Sharing new booking Arval Car Sharing open doors

    Cutting the paperwork

    The Arval Car Sharing app also plays a crucial role in keeping your records accurate and up to date. Mileage and fuel consumption are automatically recorded after every journey. And if there is any damage, the user involved can report it quickly and accurately via the app.

    Arval Car Sharing planning

Why choose Arval?

Reliable leasing partner

With more than 70.000 cars we are the largest leasing company in Belgium.

Besides, we are also a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Fortis.

Peace of mind

We take care of the order, all services and we even take back the vehicles.

So, you can drive with peace of mind.

Full service package included

Depending on your needs, we have the most common services included in the price.

The final choice of services is up to you.

1 contact person for all your questions

You will always be in touch with the same contact person who will answer

all your questions.