A car charging at one the new charging stations (Photo by Tineke De Vos)

Arval Belgium shows companies the way to a smooth mobility transition

Arval 15 Sep 2022

In Mobility Week, mobility solutions company Arval Belgium is showing other companies how quickly a fleet transition can happen. In just a few weeks, the company installed no less than 95 new charging stations on their own business premises. With the already existing charging stations, that brings them to a total of 103 charging stations. And that's not all: the employees of Arval Belgium can only choose full electric as a company car from now on. This is why they are already letting all staff members test electric sharing cars via their car sharing app.

"As a mobility solutions company, we not only want to tell other companies how it can be done, but to be an example of a smooth mobility transition ourselves."

- Laurent Loncke, General Manager of Arval Belgium

An De Pauw, Laurent Loncke, and Evi Van der Plas standing next to the "Welcome to our Charging Forest" totem

Photo: Tineke De Vos

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