Electric vehicles

Electric cars for an excellent (driving) experience

You see them out on the roads more and more, those silent electric cars with no exhaust. And that's hardly surprising. Companies and drivers are doing everything they can to keep their carbon footprint as small as possible. And they are also working towards responsible and sustainable mobility.

Many have already switched to all-electric vehicles. Others have started using hybrid or plug-in hybrid cars. So what about you? Are you getting ready for an all-electric vehicle?


Soothing silence

Climate- and carbon-friendly

Great driving experience

Ever-increasing range

Everyone who has driven an all-electric car will never go back. An electric car offers an unique driving experience. The combination of soothing silence and immediate phenomenal power leaves every driver speechless.


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Time for electricity?

Technology has evolved a great deal and today electric cars offer:

  • An ever-increasing range
  • An exponential increase in public charging points
  • Shorter charging times
  • A competitive purchase price
  • Low energy costs

The electric cars of today are a very viable alternative to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. In this article you can learn all about the different types of electric vehicles.

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EV batteries


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Charging Stations
Fast Forward to Electric Vehicles
Charging Stations
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Arval advises employers

Is your company ready for the switch? As an employer, you may still have some questions. Arval is ready to help you with guidance and advice for a smooth transition to an electric fleet.

Our SMaRT approach (Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Targets) enables us to design your ideal fleet with an optimal electric to internal combustion engine ratio. We do this based on:

  • Your business strategy
  • Your set budget
  • The profile, aspirations and satisfaction of your employees

If you would like some more detailed information, download our white paper.


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Arval supports employees

Arval gives employees an all-inclusive charging system pack that makes going electric super easy.

  • It offers easy-to-use charging systems at home and at work
  • A charge card for public charging that is as easy to use as a fuel card
  • Efficient, automatic reimbursement of home charging costs

and on top of that:

  • A handy mobile app to find charging points on the go
  • Arval Driving Excellence: a training course in safe electric driving
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Blue plug-in
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A smooth transition

To remove any remaining doubts, Arval provides:

  • A car with an internal combustion engine to employees going on holiday
  • All information through your account manager or this contact form
  • A test drive of an electric car that you can schedule immediately as the employer
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions on installation, charging and costs


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Seven reasons for going electric

  1. Climate- and carbon-friendly
  2. An ever-wider range of models on the market
  3. An ever-higher range for longer distances
  4. Economical: low TCO(total cost of ownership)
  5. Great driving experience
  6. Rapidly growing number of charging points
  7. Unlimited access to cities that are phasing out internal combustion engines
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