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Arval E-Stations

What is it?

Leasing an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle with Arval E-Stations is three times smarter. It’s greener, quieter and more financially viable. Your drivers choose the right car, receive a home charging station and use their charging card when on the road. That’s what hassle-free electric leasing is all about.

How does it work?

A charging station at your home

In conjunction with EVBox, Arval offers the HomeLine range of charging stations:

  • For use with all plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles.
  • Fitted with a fixed six-metre cable.
  • Charges up to eight times faster than a regular socket. Plus, it’s safer to use because the charging station is adapted to suit residential power capacities.
  • Remote updates thanks to online connectivity.


A personal charging card

Arval will issue a free charging card or keyring with every contract. This will start and stop charging sessions, both at home and on the road. Includes green power guarantee at more than 2.000 public charging stations in Belgium and even more abroad.

All charging energy refunded

All drivers receive monthly refunds from EV-Box at the agreed rate per kWh. When the rental contract expires, the charging station is fully paid for and thereby becomes the property of the customer. You can have the charging station removed or leave it where it is, the choice is yours.



Is Arval E-Stations the perfect start or expansion of your green fleet?  Curious as to what Arval E-Stations could mean for you and your employees?

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