Go on holiday with your EV!

Mobility 29 Jun 2021

  • Preparation

    "Three days before my first long trip with an EV, I looked up several locations of charging points where we would most likely have to charge."

  • Journey

    "On Saturday afternoon we left Brussels around 4 pm. In Burgundy we had booked an overnight stay in a hotel as a stopover. And the following day we arrived in the Provence at around 1 pm."


  • Charging breaks along the way

    "On abetterrouteplanner.com you can calculate the total journey time (including charging breaks). It calculated that on our 1000 km journey we would need to charge for 1h05 minutes. In reality, it was a bit longer. We took four breaks of 20-25 minutes, so in total it was about 1h30. However, this was our first long journey, so I preferred to charge a little more often and for longer than indicated on my on-board computer."

  • Consumption on highways

    "In France, the speed limit is 130 km/h and at this speed we used 200-210 wh/km, which is quite low. When driving 110 km/h or slower, the consumption easily dropped to 175 wh/km."

  • Charging on location

    "In the Provence I used a household plug. We had to plug the car in more often but that wasn't a problem for us."


  • Benefits

    "I had less stress because of the functions of the on-board computer. It calculated the routes and the costs reasonably accurately. And that ensured that this new way of travelling went very smoothly."

  • Points for improvement

    "During our trip, the number of charging stations was not a problem. But when more people go on holiday by car during the summer holidays, it remains to be seen whether there will be any queues."

  • My advice to you

    "Don't hesitate and go electric! Also, don't worry too much about charging possibilities during your journey. The on-board computers do their calculations well and accurately!”

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